Guaranteed High-Performance Real-Time Solutions

Time-Critical Data Acquisition, Simulation, Training & Process Control.

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RedHawk Linux

Concurrent’s RedHawk Linux real-time operating system is designed specifically for mission-critical server and embedded applications.

Data Acquisition

Concurrent real-time data acquisition solutions are optimized for test and control, product design and dynamic data analysis.


Whether it’s testing, prototyping, modeling or training, Concurrent has the simulation solutions to help you deliver your product on time and at a lower cost.

Process Control

From process design to live plant control, manufacturers leverage Concurrent state-of-the-art technology to improve both productivity and quality.

Transaction Processing

Financial organizations around the world use RedHawk Linux to guarantee optimal performance, lower processing cost and increase profitability.

Professional Services

When an off-the-shelf system can’t meet your needs, Concurrent Professional Services can help you customize a fully-compliant real-time solution.

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Financial
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical


When the mission is critical, aerospace and defense organizations worldwide rely on Concurrent’s real-time Linux solutions.


Concurrent specializes in high-performance, fully-customizable test stands and driving simulators for the automotive industry.


Concurrent’s real-time technology supports critical energy applications such as power plant control, pipelines and exploration.


RedHawk Linux helps financial service firms achieve guaranteed low-latency performance, lower costs and increased profitability.



Concurrent real-time technology is used in manufacturing applications from process design to industrial plant control.



Concurrent offers real-time products that can meet the increasingly stringent demands of today’s state-of-the-art medical applications


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Concurrent Introduces RedHawk Linux for 64-Bit ARM Processors

Targets New Embedded Applications in Automotive, Robotics, Networking, and IOT DULUTH, GA – May 5, 2016 – Concurrent, a global provider of high-performance Linux® and storage solutions, today announced a new version of the RedHawk™ Real-Time Linux Operating System, that includes support for 64-bit ARM processors. In addition to supporting aerospace and defense requirements, RedHawk […]

Concurrent Real-Time Introduces RedHawk Linux for NVIDIA Jetson TX2

RedHawk delivers guaranteed response and determinism for time-critical autonomous applications Pompano Beach, FL – February 1, 2018 – Concurrent Real-Time, a global provider of high-performance Linux® solutions, today announced a new version of the RedHawk™ Linux operating system that includes support for the Jetson TX2 platform. In leveraging the TX2, RedHawk Linux is now in […]