A Cure For The Dreaded Heisenbug

A Heisenbug is a particularly nasty type of software problem named after renowned German theoretical physicist Werner Heisenberg.  A pioneer in the field of quantum mechanics, Heisenberg proposed in 1927 that the more precisely you measure the location of a particle, the less you can know about its momentum (mass times velocity).  The same proposition is […]

ARM64 Well-Cast For Future Embedded Apps

Over the past few years, ARM 64-bit processors have made their way into growing numbers of embedded devices from smart phones to gaming boxes. Although the industry has tried to confuse us with a variety of alias names such as AArch64, ARMv8-A, ARMv8 or just plain ARM64, we do get the message. The ARM 64-bit […]

Delivering Real-Time Performance In Virtual Environments

Wikipedia defines virtualization as “the act of creating a virtual rather than actual version of something, including virtual computer hardware platforms and operating systems, storage devices and computer resources.” Does this tell us anything? I’m not a big fan of defining something using the same term you are trying to define, but one might also […]

Leveraging Real-Time Linux in Enterprise Applications

Concurrent is celebrating a big anniversary. For 50 years, our operating systems have provided the heartbeat for many critical, hard real-time applications. We’re talking about systems that completely fail without guaranteed microsecond-level response to real-time events — missile tracking systems, engine testing, aircraft training systems and such. I began my own career at Concurrent before the first […]