Specialized High-performance, Fully-customizable Test Stands and Driving Simulators for the Automotive Industry

Concurrent Real-Time Automotive Products

Concurrent offers a variety of industry leading products that auto manufacturers use to design and test new vehicles including:

  • SIMulation Workbench control software makes it easy to run multiple automotive component models in rigorous hardware-in-the-loop test environments.
  • Concurrent’s RedHawk Linux operating system delivers guaranteed, microsecond deterministic response so that simulators and test stands perform as needed, every time.
  • ImaGen visual servers help automotive engineers build high-fidelity realistic driving simulator IGs.
  • NightStar Tools allow engineers to find solutions to difficult problems quickly and to tune systems to achieve maximum performance.
  • Concurrent’s SIGnal Workbench provides the signal conditioning and fault insertion features needed in many automotive test stands.

Concurrent also offers a wide range of I/O interfaces required in automotive hardware-in-the loop simulation including engine sensor simulation, SENT, universal exhaust gas oxygen sensor, pulse width modulation, change-of-state and wheel speed sensor cards.

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