Energy industry market segments are highly competitive. Engineers working in the energy field have an increasing need for state-of-the-art computer system technology to lower costs and  improve production, reliability and safety in exploration, refinery and power distribution operations.

Today, more and more companies are utilizing Concurrent’s real-time technology in support of critical energy applications such as:

  • Nuclear power plant control
  • Pipeline distribution
  • Gas turbine power generation
  • Wind turbine power
  • Solar power generation
  • Plasma research
  • Oil and gas exploration

Energy applications require cost-effective COTS products and a deterministic operating system. Concurrent’s iHawk multiprocessing platforms and RedHawk Linux have stepped up to meet this challenge.

  • Our iHawk platforms are fully-integrated solutions. All the I/O cards, drivers and customized packaging needed to meet your energy application requirements are included.
  • Our SIMulation Workbench software lets control engineers develop process models and fully test their processes before entering plant production.
  • RedHawk Linux offers highly deterministic, real-time response times of less than 5 microseconds to guarantee successful handling of all application events.
  • With our NightStar Tools, engineers can quickly find solutions to difficult problems and tune applications without impacting real-time performance.

If you challenging requirements such as the integration of custom I/O boards and/or software porting, our award winning technical support is available when you need it. Our Professional Services group can customize a complete hardware and software solution that  meets all your needs.