Medical systems manufacturers are leading the development of innovative, next-generation devices such as state-of-the-art imaging equipment and advanced surgical robotics that improve health and extend lives.

To compete successfully, industry innovators need robust, high-performance real-time platforms with a real-time operating system (RTOS) and software tools. That’s where Concurrent can help.

Powerful real-time Products

In support of the most advanced medical applications, Concurrent offers powerful real-time products that can meet increasingly stringent demands and support technical advancements.

  • Our RedHawk Linux real-time operating system is an ideal solution for complex, embedded medical applications. RedHawk provides guaranteed low-latency, microsecond-level response on certified platforms. With RedHawk, al l tasks within a multi-core, multi-threaded application can be processed on time. This means all device events can always be serviced successfully.
  • Our powerful NightStar Tools non-intrusive debugging and analysis tools can provide unprecedented insight into device performance during medical application development. For example, our NightTrace tool offers a graphic view of the interaction of all application threads with the Linux kernel, so you can easily tune your application to achieve the performance you need.
  • Our iHawk multiprocessor s provide compact, rackmount platforms featuring t he la test processor and I/O technology needed in today’s advanced medical devices.
  • Our ImaGen visual servers can support a wide range of high-resolution, multi-channel displays for high-fidelity medical imaging applications.