NightStar Tools

NightView Source-Level Debugger

NightView allows users to simultaneously debug multiple, time-critical processes. With NightView, a programmer can change program execution and modify or display data without stopping or interrupting the program. Eventpoint conditions, such as hit and ignore counts, are patched directly into an application and executed at full application speed. NightView includes an interactive memory debugger that helps find and eliminate memory leaks.

NightTrace Event Analyzer

NightTrace analyzes and displays the dynamic behavior of applications, the RedHawk kernel and the interaction between them. NightTrace can log events from multiple processes executing simultaneously on multiple CPUs and GPUs. NightTrace can also combine user-defined application events with kernel events to present a synchronized graphical view of the entire system. RedHawk’s lockless kernel trace eliminates any contention when multiple cores log trace points simultaneously.

NightTrace allows users to zoom, search, filter and analyze events. Tracing analysis can be live or post execution. NightTrace’s powerful application illumination GUI allows programmers to automatically trace CPU and GPU application function calls and examine the values of parameters passed and returned. Function call tracing is fully customizable and can provide a complete view of glibc activities.

NightProbe Data Monitor

NightProbe is a tool for monitoring, modifying and recording data values from multiple, independent application resources including programs, shared memory segments, memory mapped files and PCI devices. NightProbe can be used in development for debugging, analysis, prototyping and fault injection, or in a production environment to create a GUI control panel for program input and output.

NightSim Scheduler

NightSim is a periodic scheduler for time-critical applications that require predictable, cyclic process execution. Ideal for simulation applications, NightSim allows developers to dynamically adjust the execution of multiple, coordinated processes, their priorities, scheduling policies and CPU assignments. Users can monitor the performance of applications by displaying period execution

NightTune Performance Tuner

NightTune provides a GUI for monitoring and tuning application and system performance. Users can monitor the priority, scheduling policy, CPU assignment and CPU and GPU usage of user applications. NightTune also monitors system CPU usage, context switches, interrupts, memory utilization, and disk and network activity. NightTune can be used to shield processor cores and assign interrupts and processor core to application tasks.

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