SIGnal Workbench

Flexible, programmable signal conditioning and fault insertion solutions for data acquisition applications.

If signal conditioning, fault insertion and/or high-cycle fatigue testing are an important component of your data acquisition requirements, Concurrent’s SIGnal Workbench™ products are the answer.

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SIGnal Workbench provides flexible, programmable real-time signal conditioning and fault insertion solutions for a wide range of data acquisition applications. It’s ideal for hardware-in-the-loop test stands, dynamic data processing and monitoring systems for engines and turbo machinery.

Fault Insertion Signal Conditioning for Automotive and Aerospace Testing

For automotive, aerospace and other test applications requiring fault insertion, Concurrent offers a standalone 4U rack-mountable fault insertion signal conditioning chassis that includes all necessary power supplies and cooling provisions. Each chassis contains twenty 3U slots that can hold fault insertion and signal conditioning cards. When a large number of cards are required, configurations can be provided using multiple 3U chassis mounted in a cabinet.

Programmable Signal Conditioning for Data Acquisition

SIGnal Workbench features individually programmable signal conditioning modules that provide four channels of configurable transducer interface circuitry on a 3U card. Mounted in a 4U chassis, each channel provides a programmable current/voltage output source and a fault-protected programmable gain amplifier. Selecting the voltage source mode allows the module to be configured as a strain conditioner. All of the functionality required to condition signals from sensors that use ¼, ½ or full bridge transducer configurations are supported.

Data Analysis and Monitoring Software

SIGnal Workbench solutions are available with APEX Turbine DS software. APEX-DS is a state-of-the-art, real-time, dynamic data acquisition and monitoring environment developed to meet the requirements of modern gas turbine R&D, engine production and engine overhaul test facilities. With APEX-DS, SIGnal Workbench provides a complete turn-key solution for acquiring, storing and processing dynamic data signals.

Built-in real-time monitoring features of APEX-DS allow users to choose from any number of frequency domain and/or time domain engineering plots in real-time. Test engineers can plot vibration channels against performance parameters with no limit on number of plots and no performance impact. APEX-DS also offers remote monitoring. With this option, users have the ability to monitor test data on any number of real-time displays either at the test facility or a remote location.

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