RedHawk Real-Time Linux Brochure

Concurrent’s RedHawk Linux is an industry standard, real-time version of the open source Linux operating system for Intel/AMD x86 and ARM64 platforms.

SIMulation Workbench Brochure

32-channel, 24-bit Analog Input Card

GPU Workbench Data Sheet

iHawk Datasheet

iHawk systems offer the latest CPU and chipset technology with the guaranteed real-time performance of RedHawk Linux.

ImaGen Visual Servers Brochure

Concurrent’s ImaGen™ visual server family offers fully-integrated, afordable high-performance image generation (IG) solutions for real-time simulation and modeling applications.

NightStar Real-Time Debugging Brochure

Concurrent’s NightStar™ is a powerful, integrated tool set for debugging and analyzing time-critical Linux applications.

MAXAda™ Data Sheet

Concurrent Real-Time’s MAXAda is a high-performance system intended for the large-scale development of real-time Ada applications

Real-Time Clock & Interrupt Module Data Sheet

Concurrent’s Real-Time Clock & Interrupt Module (RCIM) is a multifunction card designed for time-critical applications on Concurrent iHawk multiprocessing systems.

SIGnal Workbench

Concurrent’s family of SIGnal Workbench products provides flexible, programmable signal conditioning solutions for a wide range of automotive, aerospace and data acquisition applications