RedHawk Real-Time Linux Brochure

Concurrent’s RedHawk Linux is an industry standard, real-time version of the open source Linux operating system for Intel/AMD x86 and ARM64 platforms.

SIMulation Workbench Brochure

Analog Input PCIe Card Data Sheet

GPU Workbench Data Sheet

iHawk Datasheet

iHawk systems offer the latest CPU and chipset technology with the guaranteed real-time performance of RedHawk Linux.

ImaGen Visual Servers Brochure

Concurrent’s ImaGen™ visual server family offers fully-integrated, afordable high-performance image generation (IG) solutions for real-time simulation and modeling applications.

NightStar Real-Time Debugging Brochure

Concurrent’s NightStar™ is a powerful, integrated tool set for debugging and analyzing time-critical Linux applications.

MAXAda™ Data Sheet

Concurrent Real-Time’s MAXAda is a high-performance system intended for the large-scale development of real-time Ada applications

Real-Time Clock & Interrupt Module Data Sheet

Concurrent’s Real-Time Clock & Interrupt Module (RCIM) is a multifunction card designed for time-critical applications on Concurrent iHawk multiprocessing systems.

SIGnal Workbench

Concurrent’s family of SIGnal Workbench products provides flexible, programmable signal conditioning solutions for a wide range of automotive, aerospace and data acquisition applications