RedHawk Linux

The most advanced open-source RTOS available in the marketplace today

The Ideal Full-Service Linux For Time-Critical Applications.

Concurrent’s RedHawk Linux is a real-time operating system designed for a wide range of applications – from complex, multi-processor server configurations to dedicated, embedded single-board computers.

RedHawk supports a full complement of x86 and ARM64 target platforms for both server and embedded solutions in a variety of form factors – from SBCs to large NUMA platforms with thousands of I/O points. RedHawk Linux user-level commands, utilities and system administration are compatible with Red Hat® Enterprise Linux and CentOS.

Concurrent’s NightStar debugging and analysis tool kit offers superior functionality over other tool chains especially in multi-core applications. NightStar supports hot patching and provides a complete graphical view of multithreaded applications and their interaction with the Linux kernel.

Using a single robust OS like RedHawk together with our NightStar tools for all your needs can provide significant savings in your development and support costs.

RedHawk for Server Applications

Concurrent’s RedHawk Linux Server is the ideal RTOS for users who require guaranteed performance in time-critical and hard real-time environments. RedHawk is the Linux solution of choice for a broad range of applications – including hardware-in-the-loop simulation and testing, training systems. data acquisition, industrial control, medical imaging systems and transaction processing. RedHawk is the only Linux distribution that guarantees that a user-level application can respond to an external event in less than 5 microseconds on certified platforms.

RedHawk Linux Server is available for servers, workstations, single-board computers and blade systems. RedHawk comes preinstalled on Concurrent integrated platform solutions – iHawk multiprocessors, ImaGen visual servers, SIMulation Workbench solutions and GPU Workbench platforms.


RedHawk achieves its superior real-time performance by providing the latest official release enhanced with key open source patches and kernel enhancements developed by Concurrent.

RedHawk user libraries also provide access to value-add features that are not part of other Linux offerings. RedHawk is fully compatible with standard Linux user level APIs, thus Linux applications written for other Linux distributions will run on RedHawk without modification.

RedHawk for Embedded Applications

Concurrent’s RedHawk Linux Embedded is an advanced real-time development environment for a wide range of industry embedded applications. RedHawk is designed for businesses that need to reduce cost, improve time to market, increase system reliability and overall quality of service of their embedded systems,

RedHawk offers field-proven, open-source Linux technology, advanced GUI debugging and analysis tools, multi-core architecture support and award winning customer service. RedHawk Embedded is ideal for use in automotive, telecommunications, manufacturing, process control, aerospace, defense and other embedded platform applications.


RedHawk is designed for embedded applications that need guaranteed hard real-time response, reliability and determinism. RedHawk Embedded board support is available for a wide range of x86 and ARM64-based COTS SBCs and in a variety of form factors including VME, CompactPCI, AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA, PC104 and Mini-ITX.

RedHawk’s Architect tool provides an easy-to-use GUI that lets an embedded developer choose the RedHawk packages and application modules that will be installed with the RedHawk target kernel. RedHawk Architect allows the Linux filesystem to be customized and minimized for diskless applications using flash memories under 1 GB.