Real-time solutions for design, test and training.

Deliver your product on time and under budget.

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven industries, simulation is the key to bringing high quality products to market faster and at less cost. In fact, many of the world’s leading aerospace and automotive companies use real-time simulation solutions to gain advantage over the competition. Whether it’s testing, prototyping, training, modeling or virtual display applications, Concurrent has the simulation tools to help you deliver your product on time and under budget.Our real-time hardware-in-the-loop and man-in-the-loop simulation solutions help you address the most challenging technical requirements.

Concurrent simulation solutions are based on SIMulation Workbench, a real-time modeling environment that gives you complete GUI control over complex, multi-model design and test applications.

And with our best-in-class RedHawk Linux real-time OS, you can expect reliable, unmatched performance – guaranteed every time.

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Controllers used in today’s complex automotive, aerospace and industrial systems require extensive testing. And once controller software has been created, it must also undergo thorough testing.  Prototype testing using real devices, whether in an engine test bench or in an actual vehicle, is time-consuming and expensive.

Learn how the ARES 1 Launch Vehicle System Integration Laboratories at the Marshall Space Flight Center utilizes RedHawk Linux RTOS when hard real-time performance is required.

Cost-effective Design and Test

Hardware-in-the-loop simulation is a trusted, cost-effective alternative for executing tests on actual equipment. It is ideal for proving designs and performing tests of complex equipment such as in automobiles, airplanes, missiles, satellites, rockets and locomotives. Testing is executed in a virtual test scenario instead of on the road or in real-devices. Much of the test environment is replaced by mathematical models, so components can be inserted into a closed loop. This makes for tests that are reproducible, systematic and fast, as well as more reliable.

A Complete Framework

Concurrent hardware-in-the-loop simulation solutions feature the SIMulation Workbench real-time modeling environment running on the RedHawk Linux operating system. SIMulation Workbench provides a complete framework that makes it easy to develop and execute hardware-in-the-loop simulations in real-time. Concurrent iHawk simulation solutions come fully-integrated with SIMulation Workbench and all software and I/O required for the customer’s specific test stand requirements.


Advanced simulation and training solutions save lives and help ensure mission success. That’s why aerospace and automotive companies turn to Concurrent when they need powerful, high-fidelity image generation platforms and training system host platforms. Whether it’s pilot flight instruction, air crew maintenance training, mission rehearsal or automotive driving simulators, Concurrent has the training solutions you need.

Concurrent multi-channel ImaGen visual server platforms provide significant benefits to leading military and aerospace companies in the world. Our high-performance image generation and simulation solutions have been chosen for prestigious training programs including the Daimler driving simulator, SAIC NCM3 helicopter trainer and the U.S. Marine Corps SAVT tactical fire trainer.

iHawk Host Systems

At Concurrent, we offer powerful simulator host systems that leverage the latest COTS technologies. From the ground up, our iHawk multiprocessing systems, powered by RedHawk Linux, deliver the deterministic response essential for high-fidelity, highly-realistic simulation. Our industry leading RedHawk RTOS can deliver guaranteed real-time response of less than 5 microseconds on certified platforms. iHawks also support graphical simulation and modeling tools such as The Mathworks’ Simulink.

ImaGen Visual Servers

Concurrent’s ImaGen Visual Server family offers fully-integrated, cost-effective, high-performance IG solutions for real-time simulation and modeling applications. ImaGen image generators are ideal for truly interactive simulations, including virtual reality, landscape, architectural, aerial, ground and marine rendering.

The ImaGen IG family provides the most flexible, multi-channel Linux-based graphics platforms available today. ImaGen IGs can be custom configured to address a broad range of price/performance requirements, from low-end, single-channel systems to large, genlocked, multi-channel video server solutions.

ImaGen delivers the technology needed to rapidly develop and deploy accurate, real-time 3D visual solutions for a wide range of training applications.  ImaGen supports the latest NVIDIA COTs graphics cards and a range of image rendering software such as Diamond Visionics’ GenesisIG.